Chris Ringenberg

UE4 Programmer

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major Projects

MARS Engine

Custom Game Engine written in C++
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Multiplayer Survival Game With a Whimsical Art Style
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-- TOOLS --

Below are some of the various tools I’ve written to make my life easier when developing. 

This tool was created to help streamline UE4 project creation. I was always annoyed by how you had to launch the Engine just to create a new project. It was also frustration how you would then have to wait for the code to hot-reload even though no changes had been made. With this tool, you can create a new project without having to open the Launcher or the Editor. As an added bonus, there are a few extra features that I find to be very useful. Click Here to download it.

-- Detailed breakdown of my Abilities --

A full bar means complete knowledge of something with nothing left to learn.
10% full means basic understanding, unable to do a task but conversation level knowledge.
50% Good foundation, able to do most tasks.

Programming and

Need a cool gameplay feature? Help with rapid prototypingThis can be described as a quick pass, or just getting something down on paper. This often involves "letting go" of some best practices, although good architecture can enable rapid prototyping. This term may also describe a phase of development wherein the mechanics/features of the project change rapidly as the design is fleshed out more.... your design? Or creating an awesome game from scratch? I’m here to help. Whether you already have code in your project or are starting fresh, I can adapt to your code style guides to create awesome features in a way you can easily extend.



Need help learning something, or want advice with a design? I can help with that too. I offer tutoring services as well as creating professional looking documentation that will help to keep your project in scope. 

Code Analization

Networking and Web Based Programming

Are you building a multiplayer game? If so, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve put most of my time into learning networking, and how it applies to game dev; and can say with confidence that I’ve got you covered.

Winsock Programming
Networking Outside of Unreal

Unreal Engine Specific Skills

Whether it be Slate, UMG, Persona, or even just Blueprint Visual ScriptingBlueprint Visual Scripting (BP) is Unreal Engine 4's solution to the problem of slow iteration. A designer/artist/scripter can make smaller edits/mechanics without fully recompiling the game/engine. It is node based, where the developer can connect functionality and data without having to worry about syntax or a context shift...., my services can be used to help increase productivity in your next (or first) UE4 game.

Blueprint Scripting
Slate and UMG
Networking Inside of Unreal
UE4 C++As Unreal Engine 4 C++ makes heavy use of macros and is garbage collected (among other things), it differs in significant ways from standard C++....
"... Chris impressed us from the beginning with his exemplary grasp of UE4 multiplayer architecture and his solid understanding of general UE4 game mechanics... "
CEO Plus Infinity Studios

-- More About Me --

Programming is my main field, it’s what I focus on the most and have the strongest skill set in. I mainly work in C++, but have some work experience with Java and a good amount of hobby experience with C#. 

Technology has always fascinated me, even from a young age. My spark and love for programming came around the age of 12 when I received a Python programming book. The passion and love for programming and computers only grew from there, and the things I learned have stuck with me. I started with C++ when I was 16 with wild dreams of creating my own video game. I wanted to learn everything, but I quickly found out that I was far better at programming than I was at art. 



As stated before, networking is my focus. Networks and cybersecurity were a big hobby focus of mine since even before I started learning C++; it didn’t stay as a hobby however. I went on to take several computer networking classes in college and have worked in a network engineering environment before. 

Nowadays my focus in networking is mostly centered around the Unreal Engine as it’s my primary work environment. I’ve touched on almost every aspect of networking inside of UE4, including creating my own subsystems and designing a custom server backend. I’ve worked on games that supported massive players counts, and the experience I gained from those projects have become invaluable to me. 

I’ve designed and built a server rack that I used to test and develop a backend I created for a hobby project. It was capable of dynamically starting and stopping servers depending on load; not only could it start up server instances based off of player count and load, but it was capable of handing off player information to another server without any load times and without any notable effect to the player.

My art skills are not note worthy by any means, but I do have experience working with artists. I have both Maya and 3DS Max and have spent time learning the software; however my brain just does not work in a creative fashion necessary for art. I can make some sick programmer art, though. I mean, just check out that cube. That’s skill, took a click and a drag. Woah.

I spent a season of my life doing a lot of video editing with Premiere Pro, and After Effects. I can definitely hold my own and edit a video with a high production value, but I am no match when compared to a professional editor. I’ve only ever used Photoshop for gamedev, so my skill set there is very focused. I know my way around the program, and can do tasks such as edit textures or create normal maps; but beyond that my skill set is pretty limited.

When it comes to Sound, I have worked with a few DAWs over the years including Ableton, FL Studio, and Reason. I know FL Studio the most, and it’s what I use to create sound effects for hobby projects. I’m no sound engineer by a long shot, but I can create passable placeholder sound effects in a reasonable amount of time.

I’ve really only worked with Unreal Engine; however I have messed around with Unity, enough to understand basic editor navigation. I have also used CryEngine for a brief period, wasn’t really a fan of it due to not being able to read source or have access to documentation, also was still new to C++ when I messed with it and didn’t understand C# yet.

I’ve touched on most modules UE4 has to offer –including the Gameplay Ability Plugin– and have a good basis on most of them. AI would be my weakest area, as I’ve never taken time to learn it. Asides from networking, I’ve spent most of my time learning Slate and UMG; however lately I’ve been diving into the gameplay side of UE4. 

I’ve been asked if I would be willing to learn Unity, and the answer to that question is: Yes. I would learn Unity if the opportunity arose. I already have a good foundation in C#, so the transition would be fairly smooth.

I’ve used SVN, Perforce, Git, and briefly used Plastic.

I use Perforce the most, but do not really have much of preference.